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Special thanks to Imam Qazi Qayyoom, Founder of Muhammadi Center in Jackson Heights, Queens, for his comments and guidance. 

Gratitude to David & Teri Ewing, Marsha Och, Cynthia & Michael Brevell, Charles Ewing, Susan Frierson, Aida Kupi, Erica Keating, Ahmet Eminoglu, Courtney Marhev, Melissa Arangua-Johnson, Leigh Anne & Nick Lester, Ramin Samandari, Deniz Ozbudak, and Feridun Oral for feedback on early drafts. 


The Bird Feeder of Istanbul was designed using photographs made available under Creative Commons license. Images were researched and selected independently, and subjects bear no known relation to each other, the photographers, publisher, or author. QueensBooks.NYC thanks the following photographers for their creativity and generosity:

MzffR AKAR (p. 12, inset)

assillo (p. 30, olives)

Saaleha Bamjee (p. 42, btm left)

Brian Jeffery Beggerly (pp. 16, btm; 27, left)

Bit Boy (p. 17, btm right inset)

Jennifer Boyer (p. 20, top left)

Rick Bradley (p. 29, printed fabric)

Chris Brown (p. 33, left inset)

Lindy Buckley (p. 29, right)

C. Carlstead (cover, top; p. 38, btm center)

Jules Clancy (p. 30, hummus)

Verity Cridland (p. 35, tile insets)

David, Bergin, Emmett & Elliott (pp. 29 - 31, btm left inset)

Peter de Wit (pp. 22, inset; 35, btm right inset)

Quinn Dombrowski (cover, btm right; pp. 8, top right & 

   btm; 10; 14; 31, top left; 38, top left & mid left)

Jenny Downing (p. 2)

Evelyn Flint (pp. 29 & 30, plain textiles)

Eder Fortunato (p. 25, right)

Joe Goldberg (p. 7)

Girish Gopi (pp. 38, background; 41)

Chuck Grimmett (pp. 28; 30, right)

Ben Husmann (pp. 8, left; 18; 39, left)

Steven Jackson (pp. 11, inset; 38, inset)

Adam Jones (pp. 17, btm center; 20, btm right)

Klearchos Kapoutsis (pp. 19, top right; 20, btm left;

  31, right & btm right inset)

Samet Kilic (p. 38, top right)

Hanna Kinnunen (p. 30, kisir)

Evgenii Klebanov (p. 4, top left)

Arne Krueger (pp. 16, mid; 24, left; 30, ekmek)

Henrik Leerberg (pp. 3, top right; 4, right)

Tomislav Medak (p. 30, ayran)

Giuseppe Milo (p. 13, right)

Mark Morgan (p. 19, btm left & inset)

Edward O’Connor (p. 30, watermelon)

Ramón Luis García (p. 40)

Jon Rawlinson (p. 25, top left)

Gabriel Saldana (p. 11)

S. Shankar (pp. 16, top; 17, top)

Pascal Terjan (p. 27, right)

Myscha Theriault (p. 30, dates)

TravelingOtter (p. 5)

Amanda Truss (p. 38, btm left)

Esin Üstün (p. 23, right)

Alisha Vargas (pp. 19, btm right; 38, inset)

Jason Walsh (p. 33, right)

Zaprittsky (cover, mid; pp. 6; 19, left; 41, right)


The following photographers kindly granted permission to include their work in this publication:

Alexander R. Wilcox Cheek (pp. 25, btm left; 33, btm left)

Neslihan Er (cover, btm left; p. 13, left)

Jeanne Günesoglu (pp. 3, btm; 4, center inset)

Clarkson Lee (p. 22)

Med Nejad (pp. 12, left; 32 & 42, right inset)

Kalim Qureshi (p. 26)

Graham Reilly (p. 36)

smallpic (p. 1)

Emre Solak (p. 15)

Farouq Taj (pp. 23, left; 34; 37, left)

István Tóth (p. 38, center)

Reinier van Oorsouw (p. 24, right)

Ashley Woodbridge (pp. 20, top right; 21)

Tamuna Zalikashvili (pp. 33, top left; 39, right)

Garrett Ziegler (p. 12, right) (p. 3)


Book Design by John Ewing


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Copyright © 2015 by John Ewing. Some rights reserved. This book may not be reproduced in any form without permission in writing from the publisher, QueensBooks.NYC, LLC.