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Special thanks to Jil Picariello, Nomi Schwarzbaum, David Ewing, Teri Kusenberger Ewing, Marsha Ewing Och and family, Cynthia Ewing Brevell, and Charles Ewing for feedback on early drafts. 


Dragon Boats in August: NYC through a Year of Celebrations features photography made available under Creative Commons license. Images were researched independently, and subjects bear no known relation to each other, the photographers, publisher, or author. QueensBooks.NYC thanks the following photographers for their creativity and generosity:

Cover, Title & Dedication Pages

Sharon Chapman

Nick Hubbard

Diallo Jamal

Paul Stein

Dragon Boats in August

Chris Goldberg

Nick Hubbard

Diallo Jamal

Chauncey Mellows

Sam Sith

Rob Young

Michael Zanussi

Feathers in September

Carnaval.com Studios

Neil Gibbs

Joe Mazzola

Thomas Jefferys (New York Public Library)

Paul Stein

Powwows in October

Jana Apergis

Raphael Bieber

George Catlin (Yale University Art Gallery)

Geronimo, Edward Curtis (New York Public Library)

Pakit, Maracopa girl, Edward Curtis (NYPL)

John Ewing

Seneca chief, Charles Bird King (NYPL)

Pete Mitchell (Dustmaker), F. A. Rinehart (NYPL)

Thunder Cloud, Blackfeet, F. A. Rinehart (NYPL)

Carlos A. Smith

Balloons in November

Anthony Quintano

S. Pakhrin

Sharon Chapman

Dreidels in December

Jeffrey Bary

Selena Beckman-Harned

Joshua Bousel (permission pending)

CCAC North Library

Sharon Chapman

Phil Davis

Danny Flam, NewYorkBrass, and The Maccabeats (permission pending)

Joe Goldberg

Chajm Guski

Amy Guth

Andrea Moed

Arturo Pardavila III


Chris Pounds

Marina Shemesh


John Hollingsworth for Staccabees

Camels in January

Dave Bledsoe, FreeVerse Photography

“Chameaux au désert,” Schroeder & Cie (New York Public Library)

Internet Archive Book Images

Red Lanterns in February

Dom Crossley

John Gillespie

Ben Grantham

Patrick Kwan

Joe Mazzola


Ed Schipul

May S. Young

Colors in March

Dave Bledsoe, FreeVerse Photography

Roup Hardowar

Joe Mazzola

Cherry Blossoms in April

C. Fagel

Kano School (Yale University Art Gallery)

Eric Lee (permission pending)

New York Public Library

Samit Sarkar

Carlos A. Smith

May S. Young

Harumi Yukawa

Fiestas in May

Bunky’s Pickle

C. Castro (New York Public Library)

Memorial Student Center, A&M University

Kathryn Prybylski

Paul Sableman

Ildar Sibgatullin (permission pending)

Paul Stein

Christian Ramiro González Verón

Mermaids in June

Boston Public Library

Alex Martinez

Eugene Peretz

Teri Tynes

Tredok (Pierre Angot)

Fireworks in July

Eric Fleming

Matt Joyce

Jiunn Kang Too

M Yashna


Alex Martinez

Philippe Put

Anthony Quintano

Harsha K R


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