The Bird Feeder of Istanbul

By John Ewing

In the heart of old Istanbul, a boy and his grandfather sell birdseed to travelers, who come from far away to explore the city and marvel at its beautiful mosques.

With Emre, we discover Istanbul through our senses: pigeons cooing in the square, ferryboats crossing the Bosphorus, Turkish crafts and foods — and magnificent Yeni Camii, the 350-year-old “New Mosque” at the center of community life.

The Bird Feeder of Istanbul is a picture book for children ages 4+, enhanced with sound, video, color photography, and a linked glossary of Turkish and Arabic language terms for additional learning.

With The Bird Feeder of Istanbul, John Ewing has produced a beautiful and stunning work that gives children a rare opportunity to glimpse another part of our universe, its customs and its cultures. His message is so simple. We may live on different sides of the globe, but when you look inside our hearts, we aren’t so different after all.
— Caleb Pirtle,

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